Sergei Glyadelkin brought his people and gave 7 mil. kuna

By 20 December Gljadelkin should make another payment in the amount of 23 million, out of which will be paid two salaries.



 Hidroelektra engineering has a new Management Board: Ivan Kršić its new president, and Mateo Čagalj member of the board.

 The former head of the Board Rade Pilipović resignedNew staff setup is confirmation of an arrival of a new strategic partner. In bankruptcy settlement the hearing for determination of claims has just passed and although it is still in negotiation with creditors, the preparation of the amended restructuring plan should soon be published. Unofficially, we found out that Hidroelektra and its strategic partner, Sergei Gljadelkin are working on it. Gljadelkin is the owner of the Austrian Avenue Holdings, which acquired a majority recapitalization IGH stake in the company. They claim that Gljadelkin is rising IGH  from the ashes by making  concrete moves.

According to our sources, he deposited seven million kuna on wensday, from which the workers will receive a salary (with taxes and contributions), and secured enough to launch any major construction site as soon as possible. By 20 December Gljadelkin should make another payment in the amount of 23 million for the payment of another two salary and the financing of core business. Preparations for a special general meeting of shareholders have being held, and there should be decisions made on the recapitalization. The new head of Hidroelektra’s board Ivan Kršić, was working in the IGH as assistant director of the Institute for the professional supervision and project management until recently. He received a tremendous recommendations for a new function.

 Mateo Čagalj, who starts wit his new duties on January 1st, has worked in Ernst & Jung, after that in ZG Holding as Head of Controlling, and is also a president of SB Dubrovnik Airport. Jasenka Vukšić, the president of the Trade Union of Construction, has confirmed to us that more than 80 percent of workers have signed agreements about renunciation part of claims or on business conditioned layoffs. She announced that these days the union initiated a meeting with the new Chairman of the Board.


Source: Poslovni dnevnik

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