Russian tourists in Croatia recommended to book a hotel in time

Russian tour operators for the upcoming summer predict growth in the number of Russian tourists in European resorts. This is supported by the relative stabilization of the exchange rate. Closing Turkey and Egypt forced the Russians to focus on European resorts.


Return of Russian tourists to the beaches of Europe is not quite the “rosy”, writes It is possible that in Croatia, Bulgaria, Spain and Cyprus will not be enough room for the Russians. This applies to accommodation in the most popular hotels that are located on the coast, with the food and service at a high level.

plazaThe reason for the possible deficit of hotel accommodation for the simple Russians do not go to Turkey and Egypt because of the official ban, and there (not in Tunisia) is not going nor the Europeans because these destinations are not safe. The massacre of British tourists in the resort of Sousse in Tunisia in June 2015, the demolition of the Russian aircraft in October 2015, a terrorist attack in the center of Istanbul in January 2016 in which life lost German tourists – all this tragedy, as well as further attacks, they replied many of going to these destinations. Germans, British, Scandinavians and Russians, are looking for a place under the sun on the safe beaches of the Mediterranean and Adriatic. This primarily refers to Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Italy, Malta, Montenegro and Croatia.

The problem is that the offer of accommodation in hotels year after year does not increase significantly. And if at least one of the two million Britons who spend every summer in Egypt, or two out of nearly six million Germans who have spent their holidays in Turkey, or one million of the four million Russians who vacationed in Turkey in 2015, suddenly decide to go on vacation in Europe, they will have to wait in line for a hotel and provided them accommodation most likely cost more than last season. As is known, the demand creates the offer.

Tour operators usually can “lease” a certain quota of rooms at the hotel, but in the last two years the number of Russian tourists fell but ljeto na jadranuhotels do not count on them, and the financial condition of Russian tour operators is not as good as the 2012th to 2013th This led to a reduction in Russian quotas in the hotels of Europe. Also, German and British tour operators hoteliers can offer more money for the rent of accommodation. With all this, Russian tourists are still trying to save so choosing shorter holidays and more favorable accommodation. Given the fact that the Russian market is still unstable and that the exchange rate of the ruble unpredictable and subject to change, hoteliers prefer guests from more stable and richer countries.

As for the Croatian, writes that she considers ideal for a “non-mass tourism”. Croatia is a small country that does not have a lot of hotels. If demand increases by 30-35%, local hotels will reach maximum occupancy. Last year the Russian market remained without accommodation already in late July.

In other words, all the Russian tourists who want to spend their vacation on the beaches of Europe should hurry with the reservation of accommodation, especially if you want to stay in a good hotel by the sea, with good service and food. Otherwise, perhaps on their place in the sun have to wait until next summer, writes



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