Russian rocket Soyuz took Olympic torch to space for a space walk

Russian rocket Soyuz took the Olympic torch in the space for a space walk. The Olypmic torch made of three rocket members at the end of last week walked along space, announcing in that way sports spectacle- Winter Olympic games 2014 in Sochi. Rocket Soyuz, decorated by snow flakes, and the mascot of Sochi- polar bear wrapped in blue scarf, launched on 7th November.

President Vladimir Putin hopes that this will intensify the image of Russia after more than two decades of collapse of Soviet union. This will be the longest torch before the Olympic games.

Less than 6 hours after the launching, Russian Mikhail Tyurin, American Rick Mastracchio and Japanese Wakata set the torch on International space station.

From safety reasons, the torch wasn’t lit up, what is mitigating circumstance for Russiaafter that the flam for few times since than went out of relay last month.

The torch was handed by Tyurin to fellow astronauts Oleg Kotov and Sergej Ryazanskyo, who took it outside the air chamber on Saturday.

Olympic torch went to space for two times before, in 1996 and 2000, but it has never been recorded as a space walk.

Kotov said to journalists that he wanted spectacularly to show Olympic torch in space, which was seen by million people alive on TV.

While red-gold torch, created to represent the feathers if Firebird from Russian folklore, was taken outside the space station 250 km above Earth, the flame stayed on land. Russian engineers set the torch up with the belt which ensures to go away from the astronauts due to weightlessness.

Arrival of three Olympic torches on the space station, project of 15 countries, valid 100 milliard dollars, will for a short time increase the number of crew to nine people, the same number as in last mission of shuttle on Outpost 2011.

The torch will today on 11th November be returned to the Earth by Russian astronaut Fjodor Yurchikhin, American Karen Nyberg and astronaut of European space agency Luca Parmitano.

As a part of its trip 65.000 km long (40.000 miles), the torch travelled to North pole on nuclear plant for ice breaking. It will go further to the top of the highest European mountain, Elbrus, and Siberian dents- lake Baikal, before it arrives to Sochi, on Black sea, for start of Winter Olympic games on 7th February.

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