Russian airports ban all liquids in carry-on luggage ahead of Winter Olympics

All liquids, regardless of volume, will be banned in carry-on luggage in Russian Federation airports from January 11, as Russia increases security for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, the Russian Ministry of Transport informed. Passengers undergoing pre flight inspection are now prohibited to carry any types of reservoirs (containers, tubes, etc.) with liquids (such as cosmetics for private use, toiletries, etc), including those smaller than 100 ml. All liquids must be placed in checked luggage if the flight starts from Russian Federation airports or transfer is made in a Russian Federation airport. The only exceptions are medicine, special diet requirements and baby foods, including breast milk in volume necessary for the duration of flight. All allowed liquids must pass mandatory identification. The new rules make another exception for goods bought in the “clear” zone, which includes duty free stores.

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