Russia will simplify the visa regime for foreign tourists, but with cunning conditions

Ministry of culture will suggest to allow the stay inRussiawithout visas up to 3 days of sty for foreign people from 20 countries. They areFrance,Germany,Poland,Great Britainand North Ireland,Netherlands,Sweden,Italy,Spain,Switzerland,Austria,Belgium,Finland,Greece,Canada,Australia,Japan,South Korea,USAandSingapore. However, in order to get this possibility without visa toRussia, tourist has to stay at one of 11 airports inRussia:Moscow’s Sheremetyevo,  Domodedovo, Vnukovo,Petersburg’s Pulkovo, airport in Kalingrad,Khabarovsk,Vladivostok,Kazan, Yekaterinburg,NovosibirskandSochi. But this is not all since the tourist has to have return plane ticket, but only by Russian plane company. And apart from that  it has to have booked accommodation in hotel and travel insurance policy. ! as a base for stay in the area of Russian Federation without visa is the plane ticket by Russian transporter with determinate time of departure not later than 72 hours since the arrival to Russian Federation”, as it was said in document. Stated document is currently on evaluation in State, and the law has to become valid next year. Let’s remind that as far as the question on visas for foreign tourists, who arrive toRussia, director of ROSTURIZAM Aleksandr Radjkov said that for tourism development inRussia, visa’s barriers should be decreased. “Visa can not be obstacle but motivation! We have to eliminate the obstacles”, said Radjkov .After that he has announced the plans for introducing of 72 hours without visa regime for transit plane passengers.

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