Russia returns imperial name to St Petersburg’s station


Russian prime minister Dmitrij Medvedev renewed imperial name to railway station outside Saint Petersburg, which is used by few tens of thousands tourists who visit former imperial castles.

Medvedev ordered that railway station use its original name  “Tsarskoe Selo” (Imperial village), which it lost almost hundred years ago, 1918. soon after Bolshevik revolution and fall of Romanov dynasty. From 1918, station was known as “Detskoe Selo” (Children’s village), more neutral name as the try of communist regime to erase all that could celebrate ousted emperors.

Station is start and final point for many tourists who visit spectacular imperial palaces an a park in nearby town, which is one of best Russian tourist attractions. The name of town also has complicated history- formerly known as Tsarskoe Selo, also re named in Detskoe Selo after the revolution.

In year 1937 the town again was re named in Pushkin, according to Russian national poet, even though railway station kept name Detskoe Selo. The station will change the name which will be easier for tourists who would like to visit Tsarskoe Selo, and are confused since the station hasn’t got the same name.

Post Soviet Russia has complicated relationship to dynasty Romanov, whose last emperor Nikolaj II was killed by the Bolsheviks 1918, together with his family. After the years of vilification by the communists, Romanov dynasty got new take off of interests, and with few exhibitions this year it marks 400th anniversary.

Town Pushkin/Tsarskoe selo was summer residence of emperors and specially famous for Nikolaj II.Railway line from Saint Petersburg was the first one built in Russia, and it was opened in 1837.The name of the station and place is confusing, and sometimes controversial question in Russia. While town Saint Petersburg returned its imperial name when USSR broke down, surroundings are still officially known as Leningrad’s region.

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