Russia among top 10 tourist destinations

World tourist organization (UNWTO) allocated Russia as a country which put a great effort in promotion of tourism on the exhibition World Travel Market in London.

According to the words of secretary of tourist organization (UNWTO) Taleb Rifai, Russia climbed on the list of top ten destinations in the world. This is supported by the fact that in first six months of this year Russia was visited by 6% more foreign tourists than in the same period of year 2012. The biggest number of people were from Germany and China.

“Last year 26 million foreign tourists visited Russia. Today it is on the 9th place as the most popular destination. This is the result of great effort, among the others on political level as well”, said Rifai. Other countries which made it in 10 the most visited countries are France, USA, China, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Great Britain and Malaysia.

Director of UNWTO said that the help for tourism growth was the gentle visa regime and cancellation of visas for transit passengers up to three days. Law suggestion currently is considered in Russian parliament.

“With the great impatience we expect Winter Olympic games in Sochi, which are extremely important not only for sport but for tourism also”, said Rifai.

But despite the problems with visas, the number of participants from Russia on the exhibition World Tourist Market grows from year to year. This year representatives of around 15 regions, among which there are St.Petersburg and Moscow on Russian stand presented their newest offers, hotels and top destinations.

For tourist boom is preparing Russian capital also, because Moscow expects significant increase in number of passengers who will visit town on the way to Olympic games.Tourists will have opportunity to meet with the town in many different ways, even if they visit it for a short time, with transit tours of Moscow which are offered from half days to three days package. Manager of tourist committee in Moscow Sergej Špilko promised hotel accommodation also with highest prices:”Room will be able to find in hostels from 650 roubles (15 euro), 2* hotel from 750 roulbles (17 euro) and accommodation of 3* from 1500 roubles (35 euro).These are standard European prices”, said Špilko.

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