Russian-Croatian economic forum: Croatia represents the Moscow its investment potential


In Moscow on February 17th, there will be held a Croatian-Russian Economic Forum and Investment Conference organized by the Croatian Chamber of Economy, Ministry of economy, the Agency for Investment and Competitiveness and Trade-Industrial Chamber of the Russian Federation.

“The aim of the Russian-Croatian economic forum and investment conference in Moscow is to enable business communities of Croatia and Russia to, despite the current difficulties in business caused by EU sanctions in Russia, continue current economic cooperation in areas of the economy which have not been covered by the sanctions and to find space for improvement of these relations in the future. We expect to achieve this goal, because even the current situation opens up many new opportunities for cooperation, and it is up to economists  from both sides to seize these opportunities, “said Minister of Economy Ivan Vrdoljak who together with the President of CCC Luka Burilović led the Croatian economic delegation.


The forum will be attended by more than 70 Croatian companies from the energy, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, machine building, transportation, agri-food industry, consulting, information technology, tourism, real estate and marketing, textile and leather industry, banking and construction. Russian companies have shown great interest in participating in the Forum, and maintaining business conversations with Croatian potential partners. For now, more than 90 Russian companies from various sectors of energy, construction, agro-food industry, IT, tourism, real estate, banking and other supporting industries, have shown interest in these conversations.

President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Luka Burilović points out that there is almost no area in which both sides haven’t got some economic interest.  “The Russian market is extremely important for Croatian companies and should be viewed in the context of the entire Eurasian Union, as well as the access to markets of other CIS countries. We can’t just sit and wait for sanctions to finish and observe from the side. It is out duty now to help Croatian companies which have been operating on this market for many years and also have  invested a lot of effort and resources. Likewise, we want to set the stage for the arrival of new companies, but also invite Russian investors in Croatia, “said the president of the CCC.

Despite current trade and economic relations between Russia and the European Union, Croatian export-oriented companies, which operate on the Russian market, as well as those who have planned to make business there, are trying to keep their positions. Together with the Forum and Conference,there will be held working meetings of Croatian-Russian Intergovernmental Commission for Economic and the Scientific and Technical Cooperation.

At the forum the parties will sign the Agreement on cooperation between the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and associations of entrepreneurs, what will ensure us the availability of business information and lobbying support for our companies.

Many Croatian companies in recent years, have invested significant resources for better product position in Russian market and that is why they need a strong institutional support in order to maintain their place .

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