Rouble more and more interesting on Serbian market

Since it made doing business inRussiapossible, Sberbank made abroad payments in the amount of around 400 million roubles, or around 10 million euro, said one of the directors of bank Grigori Černenko.

He said at the opening of branch Sberbank inSuboticathat doing business with Russian roubles started 6 months ago due to good relation between domestic companies and companies fromRussia, or placement of fruit, vegetables and meat fromSerbiato Russian market which is now paid in roubles on account ofSerbia.

Černenko, the director of Sberbank for business with clients from area of former Soviet Union, said that few companies fromSerbiaacts inRussian Federation, where the income is also shown in roubles, and around 500 citizens ofSerbiaandRussiahave opened bank accounts in this bank in Russian roubles.

“it is very interesting since there are no more double transactions and double provisions. Earlier the buyer paid in roubles, changed roubles into euro, and inSerbiachanged euro for Serbian currency dinar”, said Černenko.

He marks that inSerbiathere is huge interest of businessmen and individuals for Russian national currency and it is expected that in the future Sberbank will offer getting loans in roubles, which is considered interesting not only forSerbiabut for whole region of formerYugoslaviaand formerSoviet Unionas well.

“For first five months we have made the abroad payments  of around 400 million roubles, what is around 10 million euro”, said Černenko.

Officve inSuboticais the sixth re branded branch of Sberbank opened inSerbia.

as it was pointed out by the member of Executive Committee of the bank Marijana Vasilesku, Serbian market has big potential for development of bank’s activities, as for individuals as for economy.

“Suboticais second largest town in Vojvodina and administrative centre ofNorth Bačkacounty, located on fertilizing area. I believe that we, as the biggest Russian bank, have capacity o offer support to all individuals  and companies which do business here”, said Vasilesku

Sberbank acts on the market of Serbia since December o last year, and previously bought branches of Austrian Volksbank in south east Europe.

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