In Moscow the prices of real estates fall

In Moscow the prices of real estates finally fall down. The prices of flats in new buildings stay the same, but the prices of older flats are falling down.

At the beginning of year square meter in Russian capital went up for 0,7 % but if we take in consideration the inflation , the price is really lower than it used to be. During last month the price of flats fell for 0,4 %.Despite that and the fact that usually during the spring the prices of real estate go up, people inMoscowdon’t decide to buy so easily. Experts notice that as the offer constantly goes up demands are stabile of even fall down. According to their information, 75% of demands is referring to flats whose price is up to 10 million roubles. These are flats of middle class and most of them are in the area of newMoscow.

In parts of newMoscowthe demand is bigger when talking about more expensive flats. In first quarter of 2013 average price per square of these flats in new buildings reached the price of 207 400 roubles.


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