Possible evacuation of tourists from Egypt


Due to escalation of conflict between those who follow Mohamed Morsia and his opponents in Egypt, Federal Aviation Agency determined that plane companies make evacuation plans for Russian tourists from Egypt. Plans should include options for air transfer with alternative locations in the case that usual air harbours in Cairo, Hurgada and Sharm-el-Šeik are closed, says FAA.

Ministry of foreign affairs last week warned travellers that it wasn’t safe to travel to Egypt, and Government banned on Thursday to travel agencies to sell holidays to Egypt.

The biggest Russian air transporters Aeroflot said that they are ready to over take all passengers from Egypt as soon as they get instructions how to do that. Spokes person Irina Dannenberg said that all who cancelled their flights to Egypt can return their tickets and money will be returned. Company Transaero promised the same to its passengers.

Aeroflot and Transaero will continue with their service in the country since the authorities didn’t ask them to stop it.

“Association of tour operators from Russia (ATOR) goes with petitions towards Ministry of transport to limit the flights to Egypt”, said Maya Lomidze, executive director. “If companies have green light for flight in country, but there are no passengers, tour operators could be those who will compensate lost income”, she added.

Tourist agencies could lose 35 million dollars by cancelling 50 000 trips to Egypt which are already sold. According to Consumer Protection Agency, more than 100 people called hot line of Government on Thursday complaining that travel agencies refuse to refund the cancelation of trips to Egypt.

According to information by Association of tour operators in Egypt is currently at least 53 000 Russian tourists.

From Egyptian embassy in Moscow was said on Friday that Russia does not have reasons to be afraid for safety for tourists in Egypt. “Egyptian government does everything what is necessary to ensure that the tourists don’t feel endangered “, says chief of Information department in Embassy, Shahin Ezzeddin. He added that nobody of foreign tourists was hurt.

Russia is not alone in taking all needed measures about trip to Egypt. German representative of travel agencies Thomas Cook and TUI cancelled trips to Egypt till 15th September, after Ministry of foreign affairs of that country issued warning not to go to Egypt. Belgium advised, on Friday, its citizens on the issue on travelling to Egypt.

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