Taking entrance exams for Russian universities from now on even outside Russia


Today on area of Russia in 750 higher educational institution studies around 250 thousand foreign students from 150 countries. The most numerous foreign students in Russia are the one from former countries of USSR and Asia. On Asian countries goes 40% of all foreign students in Russia. 16,5 % of them are Chinese.  More than 40 thousand gets higher education on expense of federal budget of Russian Federation. According to the plans of Ministry, percentage of foreign students, which is 2,3 % of total number, has to rise till 2015 for 6%, and till 2018 for 10%. Every year Russian universities will receive 15 thousand foreign students, 1,5 time more then it is case today.

Ministry of education and science have already worked out and sent to Russian government the project of resolution, which could be active already from next year. It is the talk about organisation of place at Russian cultural centres of many states where the exams will be taken. It will be some kind as the content for seniors. If they pass an exam, the senior can apply the request for registration of Russian university. By this order, finished seniors will get the chance of taking exams on Russian universities, and not have to come to Russian territory. Ministry of education and science will give needed law orders and directions on public debate in autumn. In order that the project succeeds it has to be insured acknowledgment of certificates of foreign schools on Russian area. According to new law “About education”, which enters into force on 1st September, in Russia the  level of qualification of foreign education is acknowledged automatically if there is bilateral international agreement. In other cases senior will have to pass the analysis in Rosobrnadzor. According to information of Ministry today there are agreements between Russia and further Asian countries: Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea and of course China.

According to the opinion of rector of Russian university of nation’s friendship Vladimir Fillippo, 15 thousand foreign students would suit Russian education system and humanist needs. “Foreign students in Russia strengthen Russian authority, its international positions. It is also very important factor from the point of view of rating of appropriate universities. The number of foreign students at universities is one of the most important criterions of evaluation of validity of certain university”, says rector. He says that it should not be neglected the element of influence, because the people who stayed in Russia for some time, made friends, contacts, figured out the philosophy of Russian life will never lose given acknowledge, and will always understand Russia better and work on making the connections better with Russia. For questions on visas for Russia, travelling to Russia, seminar and fairs organisations and similar to Russia you can contact agency Atlantis Travel.

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