Opening of Sberbank in Croatia

By lowering down of cellist Ana Rucner from the building playing cello on 24th April in a spectacular way first branch of Sberbank inCroatia was opened, inVaršavska street inZagreb. In new office for the citizens, among other, at disposal is also iPod zone and automated safe deposit box for citizens. Sberbank will, till the end of year, re brand all Volksbank offices , which took over in February last year, and rearrange according to standards of Sberbank, and one third of offices will change their location with more attractive ones. While offices are redecorated, services are planned to be offered by mobile branches. It is planned to open new, as well as increase in cash machine number for 30%,as it was revealed by Chairman of the Board in Croatia Andrea Kovacs-Wohry.


Sberbank, on  panel discussion on business withRussiaunder the name “Business with Russia-experiences from the practise”, held on Wednesday , got new name. Emil Tedeschi, president of Atlantic group administration called it Sberbridgebank or Mostobank. One of the first investments of Sberbank in this region was the loan of 40 million euro toAtlanticas a part of syndicated credit. “Sberbank does not look at their clients only in a short terms through sale of private products but as a wise and stabile organisation. By their arrival toCroatiaand region, historical injustice was settled to our economical relationship towardsRussia, who became to us thanks to familiar development of happenings in this area, out tragedy but also awkwardness has become far away market”, said Tedeschi. In meanwhileAtlantichas increased its business with Sberbank for 35 million euro.


Even thoughRussiais forCroatiafifth trade partner in a row, and last year the export on that market was increased for 40% compared to 2011, it is still relative small amount of 460 million dollars. Russian potential, and together the potential of Commonwealth of Independent States , is a lot higher. The president of Croatian Chamber of Economy Nadan Vidošević does not expect that we can export toRussiaa lot but he thinks that the things could change if we follow example of AD Plastic and Šestan Busch who made plants inRussia. Atlantis currently makes 30 million euro income per year inRussiawith the aim of  increase to 100 million euro in next five years. “ InRussiayou have to invest in market, in date base, marketing. For us, for example it is important to know because of Argeta, which has halal certificate, that in Moscow lives 16 % of Muslims, or in whole Russia 25 million”, said Tedeschi. Milan Stojanović, first man in Siscia and president of Business Council for economical cooperation withRussia, has warned: “You can’t expect that you will with five truck of produces delivered, do something. It is needed to know the market, invest in it, go to fairs. Council works on that that producers merge through Sberbank in order to have joined export”, says Stojanović. Ljerka Puljić, the member of Agrokor management , has reminded of three serious attempt of investment of this concern inRussia(retail chain Lenta, icecream industry and investment in agriculture with Russian partners, for what there is still an interest). Agrokor export toRussiamostly fruit and vegetables. ”WithRussiawe have to have partnership relationship and, if we want to go to that market, we have to open the doors to Russian investors widely. That was missing till now”, said Ljerka Puljić.

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