Community Tisno sells the field to Russian oil tycoon for 4 million euro


At the beginning of the week the chief of community Tisno Ivan Klarin will sign, with Aqua Relaxio, Croatian company under the ownership of Russian oil tycoon Alexey Frolov, the purchase contract of 60.000 square meters of community field for project of construction of tourist-health complex on the area of Prisligaj-Jazine.

In the period of 15 days after signing the contract, investor will to Tisno pay half of the agreed sum, almost 2 million euro (15 million kuna), what is almost the amount of annual estimate for this community, while the rest of the amount will be paid in installments, every quarter of the year in next two years.

The project of Russian investor is 105 million euro.It is predicted to build the hotel of the highest category with 600 beds, 25 villas with 150 beds, and de toxic centre and centre for keeping the condition up.

Anyway, Aqua Relaxio is the youngest of 4 Croatian companies by oil tycoon Frolov, who owes in Russian about 500 gas stations and does business in Croatia for many years. His project is the project of floating gas station Flash in Croatian marinas. Through the company Crno zlato, that employs 20 workers, has made the income of 4 million euro last year (30 million kuna of income), opened in marina Frapa in Rogoznica first, and than in three more marinas floating gas stations for ships and yachts.

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