Most honest and dishonest cities in the world

According to interesting journalist report of Digest on honesty or dishonesty in 16 towns in the world the most honest town in the world is Finland’s Helsinki, while Moscowis on high 5th place , and Portugal’ sLisbon  is at the bottom of  list.

Journalists left in parks, shopping centres and on walkway wallets, mobile number, family photos, visit cards and tokens in the value of 50 euro. In Helsinki out of 12 “lost” wallets  11 was returned to the owners, in Moscow seven and in Lisbon only one.

Here is the list or results of tested towns, or their citizens in honesty tests:

1. Helsinki, Finland 11/12
2. Mumbai, India 9/12
3. Budapest, Hungary 8/12
4. New York, USA 8/12
5. Moscow, Russia 7/12
6. Amsterdam, Holland 7/12
7. Berlin, Germany 6/12
8. Ljubljana, Slovenia 6/12
9. London, England 5/12
10. Warsaw, Poland 5/12
11. Bucharest, Romania 4/12
12. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 4/12
13. Zurich, Switzerland 4/12
14. Prague, Czech Republic 3/1
15. Madrid, Spain 2/12
16. Lisbon, Portugal 1/12


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