Moscow MICE Forum celebrates its 10 years

From the beginning  since 2004Moscow’s Forum was established as leading MICE happening inRussia, offering opportunity for aimed cooperation of international suppliers  with Russian experts.

“When we started, Russian MICE sector was at the beginning, with minimum of regulations or organizations. Ten years later this market has matures, in sector valid more than 600 million euro per year, with the growth of 15%.Russian MICE companies became very professional and despite aggressive competition Russian MICE market is now very important for many destinations in the world”, as it was pointed out by organizer Kim Waddoup.

Russianow has big number of highly specialized MICE companies and they all were on recent Russian MICE and Business Travel Awards in President hotel inMoscow, when industry gathered in honour of the winner. This shows that Russian MICE is more organized than last year, and that the number of companies inRussiawhich follow advantages of MICE travels abroad.

Jubilee 10th Moscow’s MICE Forum will be held on 17th March 2014.The event in unique in Russia in offering one day exhibition with totally equipped cabins for participants.In this way more than 100 international experts have the chance to meet with 1350 specially invited Russian MICE experts who cover all aspects of Russian MICE market.

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