Moscow launches new advertising campaign

Tourism in Moscow blooms, since there is bigger and bigger number of tourists who visit Russian capital. This just shows that Moscow showed that it is more tourist-friendly city. One of the reasons are many big happenings, from Superbike race, Athletic World championship and many more. To increase the number of tourists, Moscow’s authorities started big campaign for promotion of city, putting the emphasize on foreign visitors.Main thing is the Double decker bus which is popular in bigger towns in Europe such as Amsterdam, Milano, Berlin and others. It can transfer passengers in few urban areas in Russia, like St.Petersburg, Moscow and Kazan. It is very practical since it has sound control on four languages, German, Spain, English and Russian. Tourist can tour important places in only one hour. According to Sergej Shpilko, president of Moscow’s Tourism committee, in last few years, Moscow has really changed. Now, it is multi language and multi cultural town without any problems from the past. Campaign for tourism of Moscow will be done by Bold Creative, Dublin. According to Mark Quinn, president of Management of Bold Creative, campaign will at the end aim on all kind of people on social media. Visual part will be focused on parts of Moscow. Buses are just a part of campaign to attract more visitors in town. Later, they will be redesigned on main town’s sights. At the same time, they will also be informational points in English language in whole town. In the future, it will be maps like iPhone application which can lead you to the best places in the town. The best way for exploration of Moscow is travelling by Moscow’s metro. Passengers are usually surprised by underground railway full of mosaics, bronze and marble, as well as signs and maps. Here are some best places which you can explore on foot as well. Park Kultury Metro- is the best place to start with, since it is the passage to town. Moscow Central Park Gorki- place for different sports exercises with opened seats and many others. State gallery Tretyakov – in this gallery you can find famous pieces of art by Vasilij Kandinskog and other famous artists. Museum Park- sculptures and monuments from Soviet Union. Island Strelka- has the best collection of design, media and architecture. You can also enjoy in many bars and night clubs with the nice view. Brothers Lumiere- if your hobby is photography than you shouldn’t miss this photo gallery. Red square has plenty of options for you here. GUM department store- here you can try the best meals of Russian cuisine. Arbat- is the best place for Russian souvenirs. The building of Ministry of Foreign Affairs – will amaze you with its style of architecture from time of Stalin.

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