Monument to Stalin in Yakutsk

In Russian town Yakutsk, around 5000 km from Moscow and famous as one of the coldest bigger towns in the world (over 100 000 inhabitants), veterans and communists started in year 2007 initiative to rise the monument to Russian dictator Stalin.They decided to rise money in what they have succeeded and agreed with town authorities in which part of town the monument will be- in front of office of company Almazy Anabara. They want to rise the monument to Stalin in memory and thankfulness for his war merits.

The conclusion of monument construction should be tomorrow , 8th May what is symbolically because it is a day before Russian Victory day.

It is interesting to mention that it is not the single case of rising the monument in this part of Russia. In Yakutsk’s village Amgain year 2009 on request of was veterans, the monument to Stalin was rose, and in year 2005 in town Mirno (in the picture left).


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