Mystical sights of Sochi

Sochi is loctaed in the subtropics, in southern Russia, in Krasnodar area. The city has a couple of mystical places associated with the ancient legends and traditions, and during the constructions of sport facilities for the Olympics a new archaeological sites have emerged.


Everything that is inexplicable and unbelievable in this mystical city in the south of Russia, takes place in the mountains, and almost every Sochi landmark hides a legend or tragic story. Experienced tour guides know about three hundred legends and traditions related to the most important sites in this famous Russian spa and gladly share them with tourists.

Eagle’s Rock and the legend of Prometheus

There is no person who does not know the legend of Prometheus, who gave fire to the people and was chained to a rock as a punishment for his transgressions. But few people know that this happened in Sochi’s Eagle Rock. In memory of the event, there is a huge figure of Prometheus at the site, where everyone can take a photo with the legend. 

There is more to the myth. The story goes that there was a kind girl named Agoura who could not stand Prometheus’ groans and drove away the eagles pecking at his liver. The lord of eagles became angry and ordered for Agoura to be dropped from the cliff. Her blood was shed and turned into a river. Now, Agoura is a beautiful river flowing through the territory of Sochi, and its waterfalls are another attraction of the region.

Olympic archaeological treasure

During the construction of Olyimpic facilities in the mountainous area of Sochi, in the village of Krasna Polyana, a new archaeological  site has been discovered. Over hundred of  Moscow archaeologists began with large excavations. During the construction of the ski slopes and hotels, at a depth of several dozen meters foundations of ancient temples and about 4,000 artifacts were found: pottery, weapons, silver jewelery and money. After their evaluation, these archaeological objects were exposed as museum exhibits and visitors can see them in the Museum of History and the Historical Museum of Sochi in Krasnaya Polyana.

Volkonsky dolmen – mystical power stone

The Volkonsky dolmen, the object that tops the chart of Sochi’s anomalistic sights, is known for its powerful mystical energy: here time travels in the opposite direction, water changes its course, measuring instruments go off the rails and humans are relieved of anger and anxiety. The dolmen, which is located behind a forest of unusual trees, is made out of one piece of rock, unlike other dolmens that are often composed of multiple stone plates. Travelers come here to improve their health and recharge their bodies with the energy of this ancient monolith. The most ardent believers spend days and nights inside the dolmen clinging to the hope that this will cure them of serious diseases.

The ghost bride

Every local resident has heard about the ghost bride who has lived on Akhun Mountain for 15 years; some have even seen her with their own eyes. The internet features several curious videos and photographs of a half-transparent silhouette of a young woman. Locals say that drivers who have stopped their vehicles here out of curiosity have gone missing with their cars. The ghost bride appeared on the mountain after a wedding procession car crash in 2001. The bridegroom survived but his young beloved bride died. Wedding celebrations on Akhun Mountain are an old tradition. The newlyweds go up to the top of the tower to find a place to take photographs with the Caucasian Ridge and the sea in the background. I wonder how many of these pictures have captured the image of the ghost?

The secrets of an old park


Dendrary Park in Sochi has been open for more than 100 years and during this time it has become overgrown not only with lianas and ivies, but also with secrets and mysteries. Local residents attribute magical qualities to the park’s sculptures. Dendrary hosts the Sochi equivalent of the Roman Bocca della verita, Mouth of Truth. The version here is a bas-relief called the Lion’s Face. A spooky story is connected with this sculpture: once upon a time the lion closed his jaws when an unfaithful wife put her hand in his mouth. Since that time women who want to prove their faith to their husbands come to this mystical place to test the legend.


Source: Russia Beyond The Headlines

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