A millionth passenger in Dubrovnik Russian Aleksandra

Millionth passenger inDubrovnik’s airport this year was Russian Aleksandra Sandimirova. Waited for with the flowers and champagne and other gifts, Sandimirova said that she felt like it was her second birthday.

Director of airport Roko Tolić said that they got millionth passenger this year five days earlier than in year 2012 and the he was specially glad that this passenger was fromRussia. Because of visa regime fromRussiatoCroatiaarrived around 30% less tourists. “This is some kind of appeal in which we all try to find better possibilities, either through faster issuing of visas, or more liberate approach to Russian market” said Tolić.

He also added that due to visa regime there is less passengers formTurkey, and the average is saved by the passengers from further destinations, such asAustraliaandAmerica. InDubrovnik’s tourist community hope that till next season everybody will adjust to visa regime.

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