Medvešćak in KHL

This week Continental league championship started  in ice hockey (KHL).Geographically seen it is the biggest club tournament in the world, in which this year we can find club from Zagreb Medveščak. Ice hockey players of Medveščak on Friday 6th September opened the season in KHL league in Ledena dvorana of Dom sportova against Moscow’a CSKA, one of the Russian clubs with most trophies. The level of players and money investments will enable KHL to compete soon in NHL , the biggest league in the world.

In new season in Championship of ice hockey Continental league -Russian championship 2013/2014 (what is official name of tournament) will be 28 clubs. With every season KHL becomes more and more international competition. World known ice hockey player Vjačeslav Fetisov, today the president of Club council of KHL, talks about competition in next words: “This is geo political project with good perspective. KHL is only actual international project whch Russia today can offer to the world proudly”.

But, in spite of that giants of European hockey such as Switzerland and Finland still with caution refers on KHL. Big Russian businessmen Gennadij Timčenko and brothers Arkadij and Boris Rotenberg together bought with best Finish hockey hall Hartwall Arena club package Jokerit that will next year transfer to KHL, what caused many negative comments.Vječeslav Bikov lives in Switzerland for long time and on KHL looks as European: ”There are these who say that KHL harms to national championship. They want to watch their inside, national derbies. It is necessary to carefully watch the example of Prague’s  club Levi which played its first season in KHL”.

“ Joining of new teams in our league offered the possibility that our TV broadcasts are broadcasted in Europe, and in Asia also, where they are broadcasted regularly”, said Ilja Kočevrin, commercial vice president of KHL.

Broadcasting of single games of KHL in Asia is definitely first step in promotion of European hockey, first of all, in China, Japan and South Korea. Second one is establishing on coast of Pacific ocean, in Vladivostok, hockey club Admiral.




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