Luksuz na Transsibirskoj ruti

Many people think that railway under the name Trans Siberian Express traffics on long route between Russian east harbour Vladivostok and Moscow.

But, the traffic of Trans-Siberian Express means net of domestic and international trains through many countries and via few borders. Trans Siberian travelling can start in Vladivostok, but at the same time it can start in Beijing as well or in Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.

This route, sometimes called Trans- Mongolian route, follows Trans Siberian route after the board passing.

Each of these trips can be finished by range of local trains. But, this travelling will not be easy for those who can’t read Cyrillic of for those who are used on comfort. For those who want more from their travelling, the solution is private train, which is not cheap.

UK-based Golden Eagle Luxury Trains traffic on classical relation from 5772 miles between Moscow and Vladivostok. This is more expensive option, partly due to the reason that every compartment has a bathroom en suite and majority of tips are included .

For independent passenger in year 2014, touroperator MIR Corp offers places in Golden Eagle on 15-day travelling wide Siberia at basic price of 15,495 dollars per person, double, in Silver Class category it rises up to 29.995 dollars for top-of-the-line Imperial Suites, with king size beds.

15-day travelling Tsar’s Gold between Beijing and Moscow, offers cheaper options with its accommodation categories. The prices in year 2014 of German tour operator, Lernidee Adventure Trips start from 9200 dollars per person, double, for Classic compartment with joined toilet and shower facilities.

For the taste of Soviet style, it is possibility to take Nostalgic Comfort. Even though the compartments don’t have personal bathroom (two compartments have the same shower, and there are two bathrooms in wagon), the pushly cabins are designed equipped like wagons from 1950, reserved for higher Soviet authorities. The price of Nostalgic Comfort is from 12.300 dollars for joined compartment, the one with bathroom, with the starting price of 15.820 dollars, marital in Bolshoi, and 19.520 dollars in Bolshoi Platinum.

For those who definitely wants to learn something, maybe it is the best to spend more and reserve departure via operator such as Smithsonian Journeys.Smithsonian has experts on its Tsar’s Gold departures, plus dedicated tour manager, who will proactively solve the problems on behalf of client. Apart from that, some extras, such as tips, are inlcuded in the price of Smithsonian price package.

MIR has group travellings for both train, including Golden Eagle for National Geographic expeditions.

All wagons are air conditioned, even though the cooling down system doesn’t work when the train stops, which can be the problem during the summer if the train stays for longer time.

Travelling on Tsar’s Gold is expensive adventure, but the clients should be informed that they pay for experience, non necessary the high quality of service and luxury accommodation

But, it is the train. Beds are not big, train can be loud at night, which can be the problem for heavy people and for those with light sleep.

Personal is local and dressed in Russian style of services. On the railway stations, the porters are rear. It happened that the Internet access was not available in train, and one more note. Many extras such as water in bottle and tips are not included in the price, as well as airfares or visas, for example Americans need it in China and Russia, but not in Mongolia.

Trains traffic between May and beginning of October.

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