LUKoil traži od Putina da dopusti privatno bušenje

LUKoil’s president Vagit Alekperov asked from president  Vladimir Putin to allow to private oil companies development of offshore fields, if all needed  permissions are insured before entering federal restrictions.

But, representative of prime minister’s deputy Arkadij Dvorkovich said that government  doesn’t see the reason for marks of Law on mineral resources, by which the development of offshore fields is restricted in federal companies.

Only two companies which satisfy these conditions are Rosneft and Gazprom.

Putin’s spokesman Dmitrij Peskov has emphasized that LUKoil is not lonely on his demand, saying that private oil companies have made the pressure many times on the authorities on this matter. Alekperov said that they will continue the fight for private companies to access to offshore fields. ”We will follow the law, while it is on, but we continue to fight,because it decreases attractiveness of investment in Russian economy”, as LUKoil’s president said.

According to the law on mineral resources, companies that work offshore have to be at least half in ownership of country and to have five years of experience. Private companies such as Shell, ExxonMobil even Lukoil succeded to use these fields by forming joined investments with the government. But, Alekperov thinks that this kind of arrangements  are not fear. “ I believe that we would have to have the same possibilities “as government company”, he said.

Private companies believe that they will get the same access to offshore fields at the end, but not in near future, as analyst of Raiffeisenbank Andrei Polishchuk  said. He predicts that the rules will be less strict when it become clear that not of the state companies will not develop certain fields.

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