Low – costs flights without extra luggage and meals

Meals for flights and luggage could become additional equipment for passengers of planes since the authorities look for ways to create low cost budget air companies in Russia.

Current Russian Air Code says that plane companies have to serve meals, transfer regulated luggage without any additional costs and offer money return for tickets. Experts said that setting up of low-cost services in Russia would be hard, because calculations of plane companies have tendency to charge these services additionally in order to charge tickets cheaper.

According to Ministry of transport, plane companies will not have obligation to serve food and warm drinks to the passengers. Ministry also suggested additional charge for baggage. Currently ,passengers of plane companies can bring around 10 kg heavy check-in luggage for free.

Russian air ports have average tariff for servicing one passenger on domestic flights of 221 roubles (6,6 dollars). Registration of luggage and hand luggage is around 20% of that fee.

By additional charge for luggage, plane companies can save of expenses for handling luggage and use additional space in planes for more passengers’ seats, aid Ministry. Boeing 737, for example, can save 50000 to 90 000 roubles per flight by adding 2000 kg of passenger’s weight.

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