Lošinj hotels among the greatest

Lošinj hotel

Lošinj hotels Bellevue and Vitality Punta, part of Jadranka Hotels branch, are the only Croatian hotels nominated for Global Wellness Travel Awards in spa and wellness category. Nomination itself is already a great international recognition for the Lošinj hotels, for they were found among the best in the final. Hotel Bellevue, first Lošinj 5 star hotel, has been nominated in the best spa ad wellness category. Hotel Vitality Punta has been nominated in two categories, financially most accessible and for the most environmentally sustainable and acceptable wellness.

Global Travel Wellness Award is presented by the company Spafinder Wellness, the largest worldwide marketing and media company engaged in the spa and wellness industry for over 30 years. Prizes are awarded in 20 categories. Wellness, hotels and resorts, from 53 countries, 504 hotels from 273 top world destinations, are running for the prize what makes this  success for the Croatian hotels even bigger. Global Wellness Travel Awards prizes will be awarded in London in November.

Source : Večernji list

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