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Agency Atlantis Travel announce month  JUNE – month of Croatian – Russian Tourism!

During our special offer, which lasts whole JUNE we offer you:

  • 10% discount on all our trips from our portal  russia.hr
  • 50% discount for vouchers /notice for issuing visa for Russia
  • standard price of  TSC for plane ticket we  lowered on only  100kn!

We celebrate Day of Russia on 12.06. and National day of Republic of Croatia on 25.06.- 2 important dates in our countries and we prepared for you many interesting offers and rewards you can not miss. This month all our strength is drawn to the increase in number of tourists in both destinations. Even though Atlantis travel works on Russian market for 13 years it is second time that this kind of campaign and this size is organized and we hope that it will become the tradition. The aim is to present “unknown Russia” to Croats because Russia is an endless source of sights, beauty and objects from the UNESCO’s world monument list.Apart from Moscow and Saint Peterburg, the most popular destination offered by all agencies , we would like to acquaint you with towns of Golden ring– towns that preserve the history of old Russia and that are real museums in open. We would like to drive you through big areas of Russia all to Beijing by transsibirien railway and take you to cruise along the biggest river in Europe – Volga – through beautiful Russian towns. We also invote you this year for an excellent flying show, which will be held as a part of international fair of plane and space technics MAKS 2015, that is something like picnic: visitors lay on the grass, eat barbeque and drink beer or juice.

Celebrate together the Month of Croatian-Russian Tourism! We are waiting for you!…. Because the trip to Russia starts in Atlantis !


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