Lens poles

In vast areas of  Yakutiya, over endless river Len, rise the Lens poles: magnificent wonder of nature, rocks of red sandstone, partly with forest area, which can be seen of flat surface  of big river. Visitors can climb on some of those hills with layers of shiny quartzite and enjoy in the view with the youngest Russian reservation of nature on UNESCO’s list.

Vast spacious of Yakutiya with size can be compared with the area of all European countries together. Republic Saha (Yakutiya) is biggest federal unit ofRussian Federation. The way to Lens poles is hard but interesting. From Moscow toYakutsk capital Yakutiya, you can arrive by plane, at the price of 8 to 10 thousand roubles (250-315 dollars), and the flight lasts for about 7 hours. FromYakutskto Lens poles you can go by motor boat. This part of way is something what tourists remember the most, because the beauties of north far east parts are breathtaking. Ride by motor boat or boat to Lens poles will cost 350 roubles per person (11 dollars), and rent of private speedboat in season 4000 roubles (125 dollars) per hour. More detailed information you can find on official pages of national park. Travellers have one more option: come to town Pokrovska in county Hangalask yulus and by speedboat or motor boat come to natural reservation. To town Pokrovska used to lead Coachman’s way ( Jamšciski trakt), probably from the time of establishing ofYakutsk(1632.). Today only ruins of few houses and cemetery of those buried here who died while travelling, leave the trace of that time. It is said that ancestors of old coachman still live today in those villages, and it is easy to recognize them since they don’t look likeYakutskand have blue eyes.

RiverLenais really huge, there are many islands there, some of them are so big that totally special micro climate is formed there. On some river islands real deserts were formed. People fromYakutskcall it “tukulani”, which means “sand areas”

After stopping inYakutskdeserts you go on along riverLena, now very close to Lens poles. First of all, from left and then from right there are small rocks appearing. Then from those monolithic  rocks, created from erosion, the whole wall is formed, which goes all the way to line of horizon. Half and hour later  Lens poles appear in front of you in all its size. Rocks of red sandstones, partly grown with forest, can be seen on flat surface of big river, cliffs made of light grey lime placed over the river, layers of quartzite shine on sun. Majority of those rocks is not available for visitors but in reservation there are few viewpoints  on the height of around100 mfrom where you can enjoy in view of surroundings and big Siberian river. Reservation offers to its guests a day or two days excursions in Russian and English language, which give them the opportunity to view unique relief shape, to meet with local herbs and hear stories about animals which live here for long.

Climate in area of Lens poles is severe continental. In the winter the temperature goes under -35 degrease Celsius, and in the summer goes up to +40.The humidity is, due to closeness of river , which cause frost in the winter, and swelter in summer.

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