Meeting of Sergej Lavrov and Zlatko Lagumdžija

Russian minister of foreign affairs Sergej Lavrov at the meeting with minister of foreign affairs BIH Zlatko Lagumdžija said that it is final time for BIH to solve given by Office of the High Representative  (OHR) which has dictator authorities and which abuse frequently. Lavrov said that it is final time that domestic forces in BIH take responsibility for country. The head of Russian diplomacy marked that bothRussiaand BIH are interested in stability on Balkan.

Russiaand BIH signed agreement on visa facilitation which predicts non visa regime for citizens of two countries who travel in tourist visit in duration of 30 days. Lavrov also announced thatRussiaworks on fastening  the signing of agreement with BIH on avoiding double taxes.Lagumdžija said during the meeting that BIH counts on opening of direct plane line betweenMoscowandSarajevo. He added that BIH is interested in development and strengthening  of cooperation withRussiain area of economy, trade, culture, education and tourism.

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