Invitation letter for foreigners in electronic form

A letter of invitation for obtaining Russian visas for foreigners may be made in electronic form.


Since April 27th 2015 a letter of invitation for obtaining Russian visas can be issued in electronic form, which will significantly reduce the time required for its issuance.

Before, the procedure for obtaining a letter of invitation for foreigners lasted quite long: first, the Russian had to submit documents to the Federal Migration Service, pay a fee for the issuance of the letter of invitation and after 20 days he was able to obtain the document. After that, the original document had to be sent by mail overseas. Finally, and only then, after receiving this letter, a foreigner could have to contact the Russian embassy or consulate for a visa.

Now, this procedure is alleviated: after applying for a letter of invitation, Russian citizen receives an electronic version of the invitation on e-mail  by which the foreigner applies to the embassy. “In the future, when electronic signatures will be used more often, we plan to fully switch to electronic issuing of the invitation letters for obtaining visas for Russia”, said Zalina Kornilov, the spokeswoman for the Russian Federal Migration Service. However, she noted, that requires more frequently use of electronic services.

According to the staff of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to date not a single country in the world has such a system for issuing visas.


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