III International Tourism Forum «Visit Russia»

From 24th to 25th October2013 inYaroslav, with the support of Federal agency for tourism and Government of Yaroslav’s region III international tourist forum „Visit Russia“ will be held.

Thousand years of Yaroslav- the heart of famous route „golden ring of Russia“- became permanent platform for discussion on problems and perspective development of tourism, possibility of opportunities for productive dialog between all different authorities, tourism, investors , medias.

according to plan of procedure of activities of federal aimed program “Development of Tourism in Russian Federation (2011-2018) “ Federal agency for tourism, on Forum,  on plenary meeting on participation in public in development as a part of International tourist forum and All-Russia will have a meeting on implementation of this program.

During the plenary meeting , discussion and business meetings, Forum will focus on the role of country in its creation, and social aspects. Work, event tourism, problem in attracting of investments in tourist infrastructure, state statistics in area of tourism and other hot questions, are the subjects of the Forum.

Format of dialogue shows tendencies of moving for innovations and modern technologies: apart from traditional kind of discussion it will be organized in the type of business games. Exhibition o Forum will show investment projects and innovative tourist products with the possibility of their presentation.

among spokes persons and experts called on Forum there will be representatives of federal, regional and local authorities, experts far known in tourist community from the area of development of concrete tourist products business meetings and happenings on development of tourism, economics, traders and journalists. First look on new tourist product will be shown to bloggers and travellers.

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