WOMAN (70) LIVES ALONE IN THE MIDDLE OF SIBERIA 1936 she left civilization and hid from Stalin’s persecution

 WOMAN (70) LIVES ALONE IN THE MIDDLE OF SIBERIA 1936. she left civilization and went away from Stalin’s persecution


Agafya Lykova for 26 years now lives alone in the middle ofSiberia. She is almost 70 years old, and the only one survived from family Lykov who left civilization in 1936 and went away toSiberiawhere her parents arrived in the hope that they will escape from Stalin’s persecution. Agafya was born in 1944 or 1945, says The Siberian Times, and all till 1978 the family lived in total isolation while their hut wasn’t noticed from the plane by the group of Soviet geologist.

These days Lykova sent the letter to local newspapers where she says that she was very lonely and asks for help to, in her house which is hundreds km away from the closest place, move “ some Christian-soul who would make her company”. In letter says: “I don’t know how the God will help me survive this winter. There is not enough wood for fire. I need to bring the wood to the house and continue reading prayers. I suffocate myself and it is terribly cold while I do that at this cold. It is my battle to survive, care for house till the exhaustion.”

In letter Lykova also says: “ I’m totally alone, I have many years, the health is bad and I am more and more ill. I have a lump on my right breast and the strength is weaker. I need help, I suppose that there are kind people in the world. In tears I ask you, in the name of Christ, don’t leave me alone and be generous to the orphan  in need. There have to be some Christians around. “Every year the representative form the regional authority visits her, but to come to her it takes two days and it means traveling by boat, and a part of the trip it should be done on foot. Her father, Karp Lykov, was 34-years old man when he decided to hide the family inSiberia. Mother died in 1961. The couple had two sons and two daughters and they all died in 1980, only Agafya left. The company keeps her two goats, billy goat, eight cats, a dog and hens….

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