Russian bank ‘peeks’ at privatization in Croatia

Russian investment bank VTB Capital plans in next years on Balkan  invest few hundreds of million euro, said its leader at the opening of regional office in Sofija, pointing out among interesting opportunities privatization program in Croatia.

Investment branch of second in size Russian state loan giver  should step up on theplace of investors from European union which are drawn from region due to loan and economy problems in parent country. “Actual economy climate in middle and eastern Europe and decreased presence of investors from European union in region offer to VTB great opportunity for spreading on local markets”, said head director Atanas Bostandijev. “I’ll be happy if in next years we invest few hundreds of million euro in different projects in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Greece directly as a bank or through the support to our clients”, added Bostandijev. Among “good opportunities” he pointed out energy, transport, telecommunication and agricultural sectors in region. “We will research privatization programs in Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania”, said Bostandijev in interview for Bloomberg. “We are interested in planned sale of branches  of Romanian railway for transport of cargo.Serbiaplans to sell the banks, which are also interesting. The sane goes for similar programs inSloveniaandCroatia”, said Bostandijev.

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