Russia can easily compensate food import from European union

While Washington and Europe consider extension of sanctions against Moscow due to its actions in Ukraine,Russian agriculture minister said that on Friday, that the increase in import of food from other countries could compensate any kind of cuts from the European union.

Russian annex of Ukraine peninsula Crimea resulted in March with the new introduced sanctions, concerning mostly physical person. But, American president Barack Obama invited on Friday the leaders of European union to introduce tougher measures if Moscow doesn’t stop army pro Russian rebels who took over the government building on the east of Ukraine.

Russian agriculture minister Nikolaj Fjodorov said today that Russia doesn’t expect bigger shortage in any of the sectors in case of the sanctions and that there are few countries waiting in a lined ready to increase the delivery if becomes necessary.

“We have always had alternative countries which can very quickly start delivering products which might be left short”, said Fjodorov, when asked about possible shortage of food from from EU.

Russia, the biggest country in the world, imports per year food products in the amount of 40 milliard dollars to feed all its 140 million citizens.

Fjodorov said that he had information from the suppliers that “they want to be first who will deliver products as alternative to Poland or Lithuania or other country”.

He also pointed out that weather conditions are good and that the wheat harvest in 2014 is between 95 and 97 million tones, while at least 20 million tones will be intended for export in 2014/15.


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