Rusi spremni na suradnju sa Energoinvestom

As a part of five day consulting  Position of Energoinvest in the country and abroad, business, the need of restructuring, financial position and challenges , Valerij Anatoljevič Arapov and Nikolaj Karabovski had presentation yesterday, co-owners  of Ker engineering from Kazan, and representatives of Elektroinženjerin, daughter company of Russian partners. It is the word about Russian company which recently bought mobile and immobile property of company Energoinvest- switchgear (RAOP) in East Sarajevo.

“We know what Energoinvest represented for former Yugoslavia and we want to work together, to give impact in existing technological and commercial terms”, as said Arapov.

Russian partners, which have top references in the area of electricity, are quite interested in cooperation with Energoinvest as a company which still has world brand, and in that way the possibility would open for joined presentation on markets of Russia and Kazakhstan, but on others as well, specially on the market of our region.

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