RUSSIANS ARE THRILLED BY BEARS “Hockey was exoticism to them but today they are sensation!”

The journalist of Moscow’s newspapers quotes that the example of Medveščak shows that „money is not everything“, and that the salaries in KHL league should be cut down.

Russian sports journal Sovietsky Sport declared the results of hockey players Medveščak in KHL league “ Croatian miracle”. Russians ask them selves “what is the secret of novice with the smallest budget in KHL”.

“Six months agoCroatiawas famous as great tourist destination on Adriatic coast. Hockey in that country was real exoticism. Today Medveščak is the winner. After successful tour along Siberia and Far East of our country. Medveščak firmed on the position which leads to play off.” Writes the journalist of  Sovjetskij Sport.

Russian public was specially “shocked” by the information that “bears” from Novokuznjeck,Novosibirsk, Vladovostok and Habarov won ten out of 12 possible which seemed “mission impossible”.

“We try to be better from game to game. We don’t have too much time to think about the things which are behind us. We always look ahead,” said Mark French, the coach of Zagreb’s team.

On the question of Russian journalists how “Medveščak with such small budget plays so cool”. French said “First of all it is the merit of our managers. They did the job perfectly.”

French added that he is thankful to the leaders of the club that they didn’t give him “the shoe” after seven in a row losses which followed introduction winning against CSKA.On the question if hegot better offer by some richer Russian club, French said with the smile – “Not yet.”

The journalist of Moscow’s newspaper says that the example of Medveščak shows that “ money is not everything” and that the salaries in KHL league should be cut down.

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