Russians are leaving Egypt?

Egypt will probably stay without Russian tourists in October if the selling of tours to this country stops. On possibility of this Aleksandar Radkov informed, leader of State agency for tourism Rosturizam.

“If the selling of trip to Egypt totally stops, in October there will not practically be any Russian tourists”. Peak of our sale covers October”, he adds.

Rosturizam adviced even last week all Russian tourist agencies to stop sale of tours.

Few days ago Rosturizam sent representatives to evaluate the situation and help the tourist to organise return if necessary. Hotline is open and office for help which is opened during  first part of conflict will again start to work.

We remind, that in Egypt the conflicts between supporters of overthrown president Mohamed Mursi and his opponents continues. The number of victims according to some sources is currently 2600, while according to others so far less than 800 people suffered. State of emergency is announced.


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