Project “Safety for Moscow and Muscovites”

Due to high level of crime, including hostage crisis, the project is started called “Safety for Moscow and Muscovites”, with the electronic monitoring and control system. It integrates the equipment of different producers, enables the control from more locations, it is possible to spread it, it is reliable and integrated in the sense of connection of different ways of detections. By video surveillance are covered underground railway, parking, shopping centres, stadiums, business buildings as well as protection systems in residential buildings, school and other buildings.

By the project it is covered more than 175 000 cameras, which detect unauthorized entrance, floods, fire or burglaries. In the town there are so called Panic-buttons for emergency cases. The results are visible in first six months when the burglaries and vandalisms are decreased for 33 %.

Project is also proved to be effective for reduction of power, water and gas consumption. According to Kiev the system of regulation traffic is introduced which detects the entrance of trucks to town centre, traffic violation and traffic jam up to the level of identification of license plates on the car.

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