Mechanism of successful agriculture cooperation with Russia started

President of Republic of Serbia Ivica Dačić said that tonight in Jagodina,Serbia started whole mechanism of successful business cooperation with Russian Federation, which will for sure help to the development of Serbian economy.

Greeting the agriculturist from Russian Federation lead by owner of company “North carton” Vladimir Salohotov, which will build factory of cardboard and cardboard packages in Jagodina, as well as hosts in Jagodina- the president of Assembly of town Dragan Marković and mayor Ratko Stevanović, Dačić said that Russia and Serbia are traditionally friends. He said that the construction of gas lines “South flow” started, in the value of around two milliard euro, where it will work more than thousand people and economy who will do works. Dačić said the he looked forward to bigger presence of Russian companies inSerbia.Russiais, along withItalyandGermany, one of our biggest outside partners, but the bad side is deficit which we have in that trade, said the president of Government. He said that he talked about that with first president of Government of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić and added that it is in preparation the program which would enable bigger  export and development of domestic agriculture because Russian market is huge, and Serbia has to approach organized to the question  of export of agricultural products. I would like to give a support to your suggestions for Jagodina, which will be considered by government ofRepublicofSerbia, said Dačić and pointed out that key priorities ofSerbiaat this moment are lifting of the level of economy development, opening of new factories and employment.

President of Government reminded that in first nine months of this year it came to the mild recovery of Serbian economy, with the comment that he is the most happy about the information that industrial production rose comparing to last year’s for more than 5 %. Dačić send a message, by greeting the delegation of Russian agriculturists, that inSerbia they should feel like at home because they are here among friends. He repeated the appeal that as many as possible people include in the area of agriculture, sinceSerbiais agricultural country.

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