MOL PREGOVARA S RUSIMA: Mađari sve bliže prodaji udjela Ine

Information appeared today that Hungarian MOL started negotiation with Russian Rosneft on sale of Ina and that they allowed the insight in Ina’s business books to representatives of Russian company.But, our source demands that.According to his words, if one company wanted  to enter due diligence  of Ina, MOL has to previously notify other second biggest share holder, and that is Government, notify the stock exchange and Supervisory board of company which has to make firm attitude towards that issue. MOL is too serious company to step over the steps in procedure, said our source. In MOL today was said that they didn’t want to comment these rumours  and speculations. After MOL officially  announced that it is possible that it would start  the sale of the shares in Ina, it was stated that Hungarian company  first has to offer its share to Croatia as second biggest share holder. But, Croatia  lost the right for lease by not over taking gas business, what is stated by Agreement among shareholders. Russian company Rosneft is for long time in media calculations for buying of Ina.Last who published that speculation was Americna agency Bloomberg. Bloomberg announced than that the intention of Rosneft is to buy 19,8 % of Ina’s shares from Government and 49 % from MOL. Total value of company is estimated on 7,3 milliard dollars. Croatian Government then strongly demanded that it negotiates with Rosneft on sale of shares in ownership of state in Ina. In that speculation also merged the meeting of president of Rosneft Igor Sečin with the minister of economy Ivan Vrdoljak in Saint Petersburg, when they signed joined statement  on interest for investment in energetic sector of Croatia. Along with Rosneft, in the game for buying of Ina was mentioned Azerbaijan’s state oil company Socar.

MOL starts international arbitration  against Croatian Government

ZAGREB– Hungarian oil company MOL asked from International centre for solving the investment disputes (ICSID) to start arbitration against Croatia government due to violation of certain duties and procedures connected to MOL’s investments in Croatia, as published on Tuesday on MOL’s internet sites of Budapest’s stock exchange. Demand for arbitration was submitted against Croatian government via legal representative, international law office Weil, Gotshal & Manges and according to Agreement on energetic declaration, it is said in announcement and it is added that MOL, “for long time strategic partner of Croatian government” and big investor in Croatia, does that “in order to start legal procedures for getting its rights” even though it stays “open for talks on dispute” with Croatian side. “MOL is for long time considered to be strategic partner of Croatian government as one of the biggest investors in Croatian economy. In that spirit MOL always looks for friendly solution for every dispute between Mol and Croatian government”, as said in announcement. “MOL has certain legal obligations towards its share holders, to continue in negotiation in a good will, but it also has  legal obligation to start legal procedure to get its rights”, as said in MOL’s announcement and it is added that Hungarian oil company “stays open for further solutions for dispute in negotiation”.

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