MINISTER LORENCIN IN AZERBAIJAN- Interested in investments and bigger tourist cooperation

Minister of tourism Darko Lorencin met today in Baku with the minister of culture and tourism of Azerbaijan Abulfas Garayev and talked about possibilities of cooperation on tourism.

Minister Garayev pointed out that previous experience showed that the interest of Azerbaijan’s tourists is directly connected with the interest for investment in tourist projects and expressed the wish for continuation and deepening of good cooperation of Croatia and Azerbaijan. He pointed out great ambitions of his country in the field of tourism and said that Azerbaijan can learn a lot from Croatia in the field of promotion  and development of tourist products. Garayev underlined that there are already certain investments in Croatia and that the interest for investments in Croatia is growing, specially taking into consideration powerful expansion of Azerbaijan’s economy.

Minister Lorencin presented in short the position the Croatian tourism is in, pointing out that we record in year 2013 more than 12 million of arrivals and 70 million of overnights. He pointed out that this year was adopted the Strategy of development of Croatian tourism till 2020. and that it is intensively worked on its implementation. “One of  the most important parts of Strategy is referring to investments, specially on new hotel accommodation   capacities, whose part in total accommodation capacities we would like to rise from 13% to 18 % till 2020.”Lorencin presented potentials and possibilities of investments in Croatian tourist sector and invited all interested investors to enter the competition which will be opened in 2014.

Because of the fact that there is significant interest  for cooperation with Croatian and Azerbaijan’s tour operators, minister Lorencin met with director of Silkway travel Shirzad Afandyev, who has exclusive contract with national plane company Azal Airlines and with the representatives of agency Polar East, which in tourist season organize charter flights Baku-Podgorica and it wants to spread the tourist travelling on Croatia. The representatives of agency said that the buying power of Azerbaijan’s citizens is increasing, and that they are more and more interested for travelling to Mediterranean.

Tour operators we the most interested in the visa regime and pointed out that it is necessary before the tourist season create the system of the simplest and fastest possible way for issuing Croatian visa for Azerbaijan’s citizens, according to existing law.

Lorencin pointed out that the possibilities are considered which can ease the process of issuing Croatian visas for Azerbaijan’s citizens with the meditation of outside service providers and accredited travel agencies.

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