Croatia will open visa centres wide Ukraine

Minister of tourism Darko Lorencin today in Kiev at the meeting with Ukraine tour operators said again what he said yesterday in Moscow with Russian trip organizers that he will at the return to Croatia meet with minister of foreign and European affairs Vesna Pusić and talk to her on the process of the issuing visa and suggesting some methods for additional improvement of that procedure, as said today form the Ministry of tourism.

Together with Lorencin in the official visit to Ukraine or Kiev today was the director of Main office of Croatian tourist board (HTZ) Meri Matešić and the representatives of Ministry of foreign and European affairs, among which is Marko Perić pointed out that this year in Ukraine was submitted almost 3500 requests for visa in the Embassy in Kiev and that last two week the bigger increase is recorded, and daily is submitted almost hundred request.

At the Embassy in Kiev is accredited 96 tourist agencies, and in final phase , as he said, is the talk with company which will open visa centres in Ukraine, during July inKiev, Lavovo, Odesa, Donjck and Harkovo.

He also reminded that Croatian government recently brought the decision according to which the foreigners who have Schengen stay permit and visa don’t need additional visa for Croatia.

The purpose of the visit by minister of tourism Lorencin and other in Ukraine and Kiev, similar as yesterday in Russia and Moscow, is the wish to make sure personally what is the situation with issuing the visas for tourists and other passengers from that countries who want to go to Croatia, how to improve the process and to talk on other actualities from that market.

Pointing out in the conversation the importance of Ukraine market in Croatian tourism where there is about twenty most important emitting markets, minister Lorencin pointed out that he made sure that in Kiev have already been done positive moves in personnel issues and equipment which will ensure additional fastening of visa issuing.

He, as well as Croatian ambassador in Ukraine Tomislav Vidošević called tour operators for cooperation which will, as they said, bring the credibility and simpler solutions for this challenging situations.

The director of Main office of HTZ Matešić presented Croatian tourist offer by adding that this year was adopted Strategy of development of Croatian tourism till 2020 by which realization Croatia plans to be placed among 20 countries in the world at competitiveness in tourism.

The aim of strategy is to promote Croatia as destination of whole year tourism, and not only in summer months, because Croatia has, as she said, beautiful continent and the offer which can fulfill guests of different interests.

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