28 thousand volunteers in Sochi

“Russia is among ten countries with the best developed volunteer’s movement in the world”, says Dmitrij Černišenko, the president of organization committee “Sochi 2014”. At the Olympics in Sochi in totol there will be 25 thousand volunteers and other 3 thousand volunteers who will be in town authorities of Sochi.

For the first time in history of Olympic games the training of volunteers will be done not in the town host itself, but in whole country, in 17 towns in 26 volunteer’s centres, from Vladivostok to Saint Petersburg.When they pass three levels of standard training, all volunteers will have to improve their knowledge of English language and official Olympic lexicon.

In Russia currently there are few millions of people who are ready for social benefits to volunteer the most valid they have, their free time. Thanks to adequate law changes the not necessary formalities are cancelled and the term volunteering and volunteer are defined. Volunteer’s work of students is now acknowledged as practise work at higher education schools and universities.

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