Sochi- safety on the highest level

Black sea tourist and spa Russian town Sochi will be host of range of prestige sports events, among them are F1 race for “Big prize of Russia” and Winter Olympic games 2014. In order to rise the level of efficiency of town services and the level of safety of citizens and visitors they will implement the safety system of Israel company NICE Systems.

“Next years will be key years for our town because we expect fast economical and population growth, which will lead to spreading of our safety challenges and increase of requests and complexity of every day operations, and it will enable the solutions of Israel’s company”, says the director of monitoring centre Sochi Sergej Čerepov. Thanks to these technologies of town safety services will automatically detect the gathering of group of people, left luggage and entering protected area. Sochi will in that way have high safety terms of critical infrastructure objects and public areas, and they will survey, detect and manage traffic jams and improperly parked vehicles.

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