Ascent Travel goes bankruptcy

Jevgenij Sudbin, vice president of Ascent Travel, said that on 30th July 2013,Moscow’s arbitration court registered the bankruptcy demand of tourist agency Ascent Travel. It happened what is expected for some time- Ascent Travel went bankruptcy.

The court is obligated to announce the right date of consideration of the demand in the time period of around one month.

If the reason for bankruptcy is determined , the procedure of supervision process. The information on that will be published in newspapers Komersant. Creditors ask for their demands in the time period of one month after the notice in Komersant. All creditors who register its demands will have the right to vote at the first meeting of creditors.

For temporary manager will most probably be named Marija Bulatova who already has the experience in these peocesses: tourist agency El Vojaž and Meždunarodnij klub putešestvij.



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