Arkadij Dvorkovič is a new ambassador of Youth sports games

Youth sports games are sports-amateur manifestation which during the summer holidays gathers children and young persons from primary and high school in competition in ten sports disciplines under the slogan “We live life without the drugs because drug takes lives”. Arkadij Dvorkovič pointed out that he has a special honour to be new ambassador.

“My two sons play football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, swimming, chess. Of course they want to win, but it is more important to enjoy. And it is need to invest in sport, because if young people would play sport, they won’t be in the street and would not take drugs”, said Dvorkovič.

Youth sports games are held for 17 years now, and in them all together participated 600.000 children and young people. International days of sports games are held from 2007 and represent first step towards regionalization of games. In this seven years participated more than 4.000 children and young people fromCroatia,Serbia,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Slovenia,Macedonia,Montenegro,Hungary andEstonia, and further aim is to spread on the rest of the region and further internationalization.

Everything started inSplit1996 under the organization of Zdravko Marić, president of Organization committee of Youth sports games, who thank to everybody for support.

“I hope that you will recognize the value of games because they are for the first time in Serbia. It is very important to point out that in Croatiaparticipate 80.000 children, and last year in Bosnia and Herzegovinawe had 30.000 children. With Serbiawe will have one more big competition”, said Marić and thanked to everyone who helped, and specially to Dvorkovič.

To Zdravko Marić and to new ambassador, special thanks gave Zagreb’s major Milan Bandić, pointing out the importance of this games for recognition ofCroatia in the world.

“People from formerYugoslaviagot closer but not only them but south east Europe and wholeEurope. And I thank vice president of Russian government that he accepted to do that, which fulfilled this mosaic of prominent people to support sport, young, closeness and future, not only on this European areas but wider.

The support to the games was given by many state authorities and famous persons from the sports world such as David Beckham, Jose Murinho, Olli Rehn, Tony Blair and many others. The importance of this manifestation was recognized by minister of economy Ivan Vrdoljak.

“ I believe that Youth sports games with new ambassador, new friends, with us all, will await all these years ahead of us more successful and bigger. They are in some ways nice brand which Croatiagave to the region and Europe”, said Vrdoljak.

The aim of the games  is through its activities to encourage tolerance, friendship, solidarity and fair play, and children and young people from all region in competition can participate for free, while those who are the most successful will participate in final competition inSplit.

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