Croatia will do everything it can to re-gain and increase the number of tourists form Russia

Croatian government plans in 2014 to re-gain the number of tourists on the level from 2012 when new visa system hadn’t been introduced yet. According to accepted strategic plan of tourism development till 2020 for next five years the number of Russian tourists in Croatiashould reach the number of 500 thousand a year. That was stated on 22nd January on the meeting with the journalists  and representatives of Russian tourist companies the deputy of minister of tourism of RH Ratomir Ivičić.

Let us remind, in 2013 the Government of Republic of Croatia introduced national visa which led to decrease in number of tourists from few countries, includingRussia. According to data by Ministry of tourism the number decreased for 22 % , and in year 2013Croatiawas visited by around 164 thousand Russian tourists. According to the opinion of director of Croatian Tourist Board Meri Matešič that decrease was according to expectations because similar thing happened in all countries which entered EU, and adds that they will do everything possible to re-gain the number of tourists on previous level.

To attract the Russians on Adriatic the multiply tourist visa is introduced which will be issued on 180 days even if the guests arrive to Croatiafor the first time. Tourists  who have already visited country last year will be able to get the visa on longer period. Apart from that, it is stated that currently is worked on prolongation of dead line to submit the request for accreditation to tour operators, and they are so far obligated till 15th  March to deliver all needed documents to Consulate of Republic of Croatia.

According to the opinion of participants on tourist market, ambitious statements on an increase of number of Russian tourists up to half a million in a year are realistic including introducing of new visa benefits. “There shouldn’t be any problems with the accommodation because inCroatiais not totally included private sector like inMontenegro. The advantage is the information that in next two years it will be opened re decorated hotels , built in time of Yugoslavia, and which where not used all the time”, said the director of tourism in company “Ercog” Olga Vojkina. Among others, she noticed that important question still stays price politics which is followed by hoteliers- not paying attention on the requests by the government ofRepublicofCroatiaand only few reduced the prices. “As far as agreeing, there are noticeable changes in favour of allotment , but the part which is important for market of hotel network still insists on commitments.”, said Vojkina.

Manager of department for public relations of TUI Russia & CIS Olga Malikova thinks that hotels changed commercial approach towards cooperation. “More than 80 % of hotels where we had empty rooms last summer transferred our reservations on next season”, said and added that plane tickets stayed on the level of last year’s. The statements by other leaders on the market we didn’t succeed to get- tour operator “PAKS” and “Biblio Globus”. Further more, the director of branch of HTZ in Moscow Mladen Falkoni said to the journalist of that according to his information on the market is planned entrance of one more big tour operator- “Pegas Turistik”, but general director of the company Anna Podgornaja said that the decision on that matter is not still made and that Croatia isn’t included in summer program by “Pegas”.

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