Hidden world in valley of river Bikin

The valley of river Bikin , the pearl of natural world on the boarder of North and South. Amazing river Bikin was created from the ice of mountain massive Sihote-Alini on RussianFar east. Bears, Amur tigers and rare birds as the part of flora in an untouched forests of river flow, long for 600 km.

In the forests where the sound of ax or saw has never been heard, is possible to see Korean pine, Mongolian oak and white pine. Together with fir, ash and walnut also grow, and white birch trees hugs shisandre vines, kiwi and grape vines. Precious Chinese and Siberian ginseng grow together with rosemary and rabbit clover. North types of fish, such as grayling, tajmen and Asian trout, place their spawn together with Indian snakehead. In the sand and pebble, on the coast of the river, the eggs are placed by Chinese soft armoured turtle. By this place still rule bears and Amur tigers, and that is the only place on the world map where Russian population of tigers has contact with Chinese. Amur tiger is the most north and the smallest population of the tiger types. InRussialess than 500 specimen live. This is at the same time the biggest tiger: it can reach the size of up to250 kg, and the male together with the tale is3,8 mlong. Different to other types of tigers, Amur tiger on the stomach have thick layer of fat in few centimetres , which protects them from the cold. This huge cat, for long, was the part of the animals which can be extinct , but in last years its population continuously grows. It is on red list of endangered species.

Here in natural terms over 50 different types of animals are breeding, of which many are very rare or they are very close to extinction. It is hard to find anywhere else the forest where at the same time live bears and Asian black bears, east Siberian deer and deer sika, Amur tiger (only 50 of them) and Asian leopard cat. In this area is possible to meet wild boar and Siberian musk deer, sable and muskrat, otter and ermine.

Japanese crane, one of the most rare birds in the world-There are only 2000 specimen of this kind. It nests in swamps, in the places where there are no people. Blinding white feathers are in contrast to black neck and wings. On the head it has red part without the skin. This bird is extremely huge, and tall up to 1,5 m. It is on the red list as the kind which is endangered species.. By the valley of river Bikin, in its lower and middle part, huge swamps spread with deciduous trees. Extremely rare bird is making the nest here- Chinese crane (something more than 20 couples live here).The nesting place here is for Japanese crane, tangerine duck and Chinese duck, black stork and far black beak stork. In the forests around Bikin 169 kinds of birds live, of that over 20 kinds are on the Red list of Russia, and ten on international Red list. Among them is tangerine duck, nice bird with feathers of strong colours which live only in coastal area and on Sahalin.

In this valley is last relict cedar forests, which is in size the biggest in coastal area. This is one of the important zones where cedar oak grows, and it is together with the ban “Verhnjebikinski” in the upper flow of the river, the candidate for international list of specially protected natural areas.

Bikin originates in nowhere of mountain massive Sihote-Alinj, in coastal area of Russian Far East. From the spring, this “wonder of taiga”, floats over600 kmto mouth of river Usura. Thanks to its unique beauty, the valley of river Bikin,, few years ago became the candidate for the list of natural heritage by UNESCO.

Till 30s in 20th century, on this area mostly lived Udegejci, native people ofFar east and Russian old rituals who went to impenetrable forests in the search for legendary land Belovodja. In the valley there is around 50 old ritual settlements, and far in taiga, still exist former old ritual monastery.

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