Guide to the sights of the Leningrad region

In Leningrad region, the subject of the Russian Federation, which surrounds Sankt-Peterburg, there are numerous attractions that are an inevitable destination for travelers. This region is very rich in history: the Russian state originated here in the Old Ladoga. We present you some of the most beautiful places which can be reached from the northern capital by erlectric trains, like Sablinsk caves, fairytale city Andersengrad or Radon Lake.

Staraya Ladoga

Small village Staraya Ladoga in the Leningrad region has a magnificent past. It was one of the oldest and biggest cities in which, before moving to  Novgorod, the founder of Russian statehood duke Rurik, spent some time at. From here, Russian army ranged in battle with the Swedes on several occasions: at the time of Alexander Nevsky (12th century), and later, during dark times (17th century) and during the Northern War (18th century).

Over there you can find a wooden fortress, builton a high and steep bank of the river Volkhov, as well as few old churches. Next to the church of John the Baptist there is a spring, and little further Staraya Ladoga cave. The entrance to the cave mazes located at the slope of the Malis mountains.

Andersengrad (Sosni Bor)

Andersengrad is a little fairytale town, a place where imagination becomes reality. This copy of the typical small European town from the 16th to the 19th century was built in 1980. Andersengrad is a wonderful place where you can spend a day with a child or with friends.

This magical city was built in the medieval Western European architecture style: with miniature castle, surrounded by the defense walls and beautified with  fountains and red walls. Over there you can meet various heroes from well-known Andersen fairy tales. At the entrance to Andersengrad the Little Mermaid awaits you, and in the city you can see the tower of Toy soldier, house in which Olle Lukoje lived in, and other buildings that will take you back to the magical world of Andersen’s fairy tales.

Museum-estate Roždestveno (Roždestveno resort)

Property in Roždestveno is located on a hill in the center of the village. Mother of famous writer Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov grew up here. Before the estate went to her family it changed several owners. In the 1916 year the went to the future well-known writer Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov, but already in 1917, after the outbreak of the October Revolution, the family Nabokov left Russia. After the departure of Nabokov house was nationalized.

Radon lakes (Lopuhinka estate)

At the edge of the village Lopuhinka in Lomonosovsko neighborhood there is gully tens of meters deep, through which the river Rudica flows. More than hundred years ago a dam was built and on each side of dam beautiful lake was formed. Due to the high concentration of noble gas radon, the water in it is unusual turquoise color, which delights tourists.

This lake is personification of untouched nature. You will feel like you have found a place  where is not yet set foot human foot. Fresh air and the beauty of the lakes and canyons surrounding it, provide joy of the untouched nature.

The property of  Elisha (Belogorka estate)

Everyone who stayed in Sankt-Peterburg and waled on Nevsky Prospect must have stopped in the oldest food store owned by Elisha. But only few know that he owned a beautiful property near Petersburg, in the village of Belogorka. The house was built in the  early 2oth century in the style of northern modern designed by architect Tavlinova, at the initiative of the trader’s daughter Elizaveta who led the property. After she married her second husband, family doctor, she renewed the estate and kept decorating it till she died.borscht

Borscht and Sablino caves ( Oredez and Sablino village)

There are no natural caves in Laningrad region. Borscht and Sablino caves are artificial. These are abandoned mine shafts. Specifically, in these caves previously has been extracted quartz sand that was used in the manufacture of glass. Exploitation of quartz sand was terminated in the 1930’s and caves have been discharged since then. As they are gradually crumbling, former panes are getting shallower. If they are not protected and renovated, the caves will completely disappear in about 30 years. So make sure you visit this unique place and amazing red arches of  caves which reminiscent of Gothic architecture. In winter, these caves are full of butterflies which makes them even more beautiful.

 The Korela fortress (Priozersk)

It is assumed that the fortress Korela built in the 12th century, although there is no reliable data by whom and when built. In earlier times, a  Finno-Ugric tribe Korela lived in this area after which the fort was named. Fortress has been won by Swedes who changed its name to Heksholm, and since 1721 the fort was Russian again. There is an interesting museum inside, in which you can learn more about its history. Visitors can tour the fortress and see tanks and howitzers from the time of the Great Patriotic War ( world war II). And for a certain price you can shoot from an old cannon.

Marjin estate (Andrianovo resort)

This is the hereditary estate of the  Stroganov -Golicinih family. The structures date back to 19’th century, and their architecture is rightly considered one of the richest in Russia. Sofia Stroganov decorated the interior personally: the ceilings are painted by grizeo technique (techniques of monochrome painting in gray or black and white), and rooms are decorated with sculptures, paintings and bronze ornaments from her family home on Nevsky Prospect. Thanks to her in this rural area now you can see paintings from Italian, Spanish and Dutch  artists from 17’th century.


Source: Russia Beyond The Headlines

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