Growth of market of video surveillance in Russia and Eastern Europe

Company IMS Research specialized in market analysis, which works from recently as a part  company HIS, this week announced its new report where they analyze the market of video surveillance on the area ofRussiaand eastEurope. It is estimated that on these markets  in next 4-5 years will come to fast growth of deliveries  and incomes of sale of equipment for safety systems. Further more, till 2017 it is expected to double comparing to current incomes. As a main reason of this growth are mentioned Russian’s preparations  for Winter Olympic games in Sochi 2014 and for World football championship which will, also inRussia, be held in year 2018. So in next five years is expected the growth of this market from current 582 million American dollars to 1,26 milliard dollars in year 2017. So, even though on Russian market cheap video surveillance solutions dominate, due to total growth in economy part determined by high price of oil and oil products, in close future is expected the growth in demands for more expensive and bigger quality solutions. Analysts of IMS predict continuous growth of demands for net video surveillance systems, partly due to improvement of infrastructure in this region and due to growth of technological awareness.

It is predicted that it will till year 2017 on the area of east Europe net cameras make even 84 % of all sold cameras. It is significant growth comparing to 65% today. Some of reasons for this change can be seen in fall of prices due to growth of competitiveness of companies from China and Taiwan. Bigger part of investments in safety systems which are expected in Russia and east Europe will be the circumstance  of state investments. For example, in Russia the growth mostly generates by the state, specially in the light of two global sports competitions – World football championship and Winter Olympic games. Experts estimate that Russia will in stadiums, hotels, infrastructure and airports in next five years invest around 95 milliard dollars. Significant part of that cake will be eaten by safety industry

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