Gazprom seli iz Banje Luke u Sarajevo

SARAJEVO-Complete management of major Russian company NIS Petrol Banja Luka leaves this firm on Monday, 11th November, and goes working in Sarajevo.

Russian basically put out the main company in Serbia, and strengthen daughter company in Bosnia and Herzegovina which leads all OMV pumps they bought. Russian company “Gazprom” via NIS Petrol Banja Luka bought G-Petrol Sarajevo which manages 28 stations taken from OMV. NIS Petrol Banja Luka will be put out. Currently it stayed five out of six workers while the formalities finish connected to their conclusion. Manager of G-Petrol Sarajevo and NIS Petrol Banja Luka is Branko Radujko. Gazprom goes where the business terms are better and it has nothing to do with politics, as claimed in the company .They say that among other smaller tax giving, market of BIH is easier to concrete from Sarajevo. Russians haven’t been prevented from their decision not even the fact that Serbia, without public, gave all potential oil and gas findings on its territory and in next few decades. NIS Petrol Serbia with Russian company Zarubežnjeft founded company Jadran-Naftagas which was given the concession on 28 years by the Government of Republic of Serbia on 26th September 2011 ( three years for exploring and 25 years for exploitation) for use of all amounts of raw oil and gas which they find on territory of Republic of Serbia.This Government decision, even though it is the word about exploitation of natural resources), have never been approved by National Assembly of Republic of Serbia.

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